Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A CAD Dork's Day 2015

So Melanie Stone Perry asks if a bunch of her dorky friends might be interested in Blogging on what we do all day. I think she wonders if she is alone in what she does, or maybe, just maybe, there are others. Who am I to turn her down? Here is what I did Tuesday January 27th, 2015.

6:04 am  Activate snooze function on my phone alarm.
6:05 am  Brush my long beautiful hair. 
6:08 am  Realize I am bald and dreaming. Get up and pick out one of 4 remaining staged outfits I prepped over the weekend.
6:30 am  Head to work. Leo A Daly Omaha.
6:50 am  Arrive at office. Crack first Dr. Pepper of the day, eat unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-tarts. Check LinkedIn and like/comment on anniversaries, birthday's and job changes. Look for cool articles. Go through my favorite Blogs, answer emails and figure out what I am doing for the day.
7:30 am  BIM Managers Hi-5 meeting. We get together every morning for a 5 minute meeting that lasts a half hour. 
8:00 am Dr. Pepper #2. Production work, fix misaligned linked Revit files.
8:45 am Triscuits and Pepperoni. I get hungry. 
9:00 am Impromptu meeting to discuss an upcoming meeting.
9:42 am Finish misaligned Revit links from earlier, skip Code Book Webinar.
10:12 am  Impromptu energy modeling discussion and rework of architectural model.
10:45 am  Some how the misaligned models that were fixed an hour ago are misaligned again.
11:30 am Quick online meeting to discuss how a bunch of offices can communicate and get along better. It ended with a virtual hug, so that's a good sign.
12:00 noon Superbowl party featuring homemade soups in a bowl. Get it? Soup'er' Bowl. we are pretty creative over here. 
1:00 pm  After lunch hangover, answer emails, revisit misaligned models and decide to push it until 2pm.
1:30 pm  Cookies and Dr. Pepper #3. Revit - AutoCAD coordination meeting with clients. Said unpopular things and used guilt to get my way. 
2:00 pm  Finally sorted out my problem model of the day.
2:47 pm  Documenting what goes wrong on deployments and why. Putting together ways to make deploying software a no fail situation.
2:52 pm  Therapy session with two other BIM Managers budgets, standards, training, and working with IT.
3:12 pm  Short discussion about a logo for the Omaha BIM Collaborative.
3:23 pm  Hallway discussion about upcoming company meeting. Decide to have a formal meeting Friday.
3:45 pm  Final email review, pack my bag with "to go" work.
4:00 pm Go to University of Nebraska to teach Design Processes and Construction Documents.
5:30 pm  Present how to import AutoCAD files into Revit, then overview of a construction document set. Tell sad story of how I lost a company $20,000 over 1/256". Lesson: the details are very important.
6:06 pm  Return home, eat dinner, pickup daughter from work, get ice cream.
7:50 pm  Finish this Blog post.
8:00 pm  Take out the garbage.
8:09 pm  Do the dishes, watch the Lego Movie with youngest son, while reviewing "to go" work.
9:30 pm  Put the kids to bed.
10:00 pm  Fall asleep during the news.
11:03 pm  Wake up, and go to bed for real.

If you are still reading, I think you are pretty awesome!

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  1. 'We get together every morning for a 5 minute meeting that lasts a half hour. '

    PMSL - Great post Todd :)