Friday, July 10, 2015

Old Stuff Doesn't Matter

I wonder why we continue to have a place in a title block for Drawn By:.

Back in the olden days, each drafter had a sheet. They worked on it until they were done, and they put their initials on the sheet to indicate they did the work.

Electronic sheets don't sit on a single persons desk and in my experience, are seldom completed by a single individual. Somehow the idea that a single person should have their initials on every sheet has persisted. Somebody usually steps up and says use my initials. We take the time to fill in a box that honestly no longer needs to exist.

It is a small thing to be concerned about in the grand scheme, but worth noting that time is wasted daily on who's initials do we want to use.

I say, delete it from our title blocks and un-friend somebody on Facebook. Let's see which gets noticed first. My guess is neither one.

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