Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A CAD Dork's Day 2015

So Melanie Stone Perry asks if a bunch of her dorky friends might be interested in Blogging on what we do all day. I think she wonders if she is alone in what she does, or maybe, just maybe, there are others. Who am I to turn her down? Here is what I did Tuesday January 27th, 2015.

6:04 am  Activate snooze function on my phone alarm.
6:05 am  Brush my long beautiful hair. 
6:08 am  Realize I am bald and dreaming. Get up and pick out one of 4 remaining staged outfits I prepped over the weekend.
6:30 am  Head to work. Leo A Daly Omaha.
6:50 am  Arrive at office. Crack first Dr. Pepper of the day, eat unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-tarts. Check LinkedIn and like/comment on anniversaries, birthday's and job changes. Look for cool articles. Go through my favorite Blogs, answer emails and figure out what I am doing for the day.
7:30 am  BIM Managers Hi-5 meeting. We get together every morning for a 5 minute meeting that lasts a half hour. 
8:00 am Dr. Pepper #2. Production work, fix misaligned linked Revit files.
8:45 am Triscuits and Pepperoni. I get hungry. 
9:00 am Impromptu meeting to discuss an upcoming meeting.
9:42 am Finish misaligned Revit links from earlier, skip Code Book Webinar.
10:12 am  Impromptu energy modeling discussion and rework of architectural model.
10:45 am  Some how the misaligned models that were fixed an hour ago are misaligned again.
11:30 am Quick online meeting to discuss how a bunch of offices can communicate and get along better. It ended with a virtual hug, so that's a good sign.
12:00 noon Superbowl party featuring homemade soups in a bowl. Get it? Soup'er' Bowl. we are pretty creative over here. 
1:00 pm  After lunch hangover, answer emails, revisit misaligned models and decide to push it until 2pm.
1:30 pm  Cookies and Dr. Pepper #3. Revit - AutoCAD coordination meeting with clients. Said unpopular things and used guilt to get my way. 
2:00 pm  Finally sorted out my problem model of the day.
2:47 pm  Documenting what goes wrong on deployments and why. Putting together ways to make deploying software a no fail situation.
2:52 pm  Therapy session with two other BIM Managers budgets, standards, training, and working with IT.
3:12 pm  Short discussion about a logo for the Omaha BIM Collaborative.
3:23 pm  Hallway discussion about upcoming company meeting. Decide to have a formal meeting Friday.
3:45 pm  Final email review, pack my bag with "to go" work.
4:00 pm Go to University of Nebraska to teach Design Processes and Construction Documents.
5:30 pm  Present how to import AutoCAD files into Revit, then overview of a construction document set. Tell sad story of how I lost a company $20,000 over 1/256". Lesson: the details are very important.
6:06 pm  Return home, eat dinner, pickup daughter from work, get ice cream.
7:50 pm  Finish this Blog post.
8:00 pm  Take out the garbage.
8:09 pm  Do the dishes, watch the Lego Movie with youngest son, while reviewing "to go" work.
9:30 pm  Put the kids to bed.
10:00 pm  Fall asleep during the news.
11:03 pm  Wake up, and go to bed for real.

If you are still reading, I think you are pretty awesome!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

My Favorite Place for Favorites

I am sure you are aware of the Favorites function in Autodesk products allowing you to quickly navigate to jobs by picking them off a "short" list.

 Buried in the tools drop down, is the "Add to Favorites" function.

This I hope you know already. You may not know that you can right click on the taskbar, select Toolbars, then pick New toolbar...
Browse to your Favorites folder to add it to the taskbar. Now you can access your favorites for more than just CAD.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Date Field that Updates

 I am working on a file, and I want a date stamp on it, not a plot stamp. Plot stamps do a great job of displaying when a drawing was last plotted. For this project I want to see the date stamp update like a normal field. On Open, Save, Plot, eTransmit, and Regen for sure.

Turns out that Date fields do not update the way all other fields do.

To side step the issue, I used a bit of Diesel code "$(editime,0,MON DD","YYYY -H:MMam/pm)"
The difference is that when I Regen, the Diesel field updates. Thanks ancient CAD technology!

Monday, November 03, 2014

The Hamburger

There is a tool you might be used to because you have an Android phone that shows in AutoCAD 2015, and I love it.

It's what I over heard Lynn Allen refer to as "the hamburger". It lives in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and controls all kinds of screen tools. Besides the cool name, it stays open and lets you make multiple changes before closing, unlike its predecessor.

I suppose it is called the hamburger because the symbol can resemble two buns with a hamburger patty in the middle. In the end, it satisfies like famous sandwich, and I am glad to add it to my vocabulary.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Worst Blogger Ever!!

Back in April, I went to San Francisco for an Autodesk sponsored Blogger Day. I got to spend a couple of days with 

And my only friend named Vladimir.....Vladimir Michl

I never posted any pictures... until now. Here they are folks.
 Vladimir, Robin, me, and Shaan on the ferry

 Shaan at the orange door
Luciana Klein enters the porthole

 This is Lynn Allen's back, see the close up of her coffee cup below.
Lynn rhymes with Ken