Friday, July 10, 2015

Old Stuff Doesn't Matter

I wonder why we continue to have a place in a title block for Drawn By:.

Back in the olden days, each drafter had a sheet. They worked on it until they were done, and they put their initials on the sheet to indicate they did the work.

Electronic sheets don't sit on a single persons desk and in my experience, are seldom completed by a single individual. Somehow the idea that a single person should have their initials on every sheet has persisted. Somebody usually steps up and says use my initials. We take the time to fill in a box that honestly no longer needs to exist.

It is a small thing to be concerned about in the grand scheme, but worth noting that time is wasted daily on who's initials do we want to use.

I say, delete it from our title blocks and un-friend somebody on Facebook. Let's see which gets noticed first. My guess is neither one.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

How to Make More Money

  • Wait for the results, typically released September or October.

  • Compare your salary with Melanie's data.

  • Use data and math to negotiate a better deal.

  • Your SO is all gonna be like "You are so awesome!" and stuff.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

BIG Money in Drafting

 That sounds about right.... You go Lewis Beck!

Happy Throw-back Thursday.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Picture of My Desk

Reading through what other #CADdorks do all day, I find I really enjoy seeing what peoples' desks look like.

So here is my Desk. 

See if you can find:
  • Godzilla
  • A cheeseburger
  • Gumby
  • Admiral Ackbar. (Actually, don't look for him, It's a trap!)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A CAD Dork's Day 2015

So Melanie Stone Perry asks if a bunch of her dorky friends might be interested in Blogging on what we do all day. I think she wonders if she is alone in what she does, or maybe, just maybe, there are others. Who am I to turn her down? Here is what I did Tuesday January 27th, 2015.

6:04 am  Activate snooze function on my phone alarm.
6:05 am  Brush my long beautiful hair. 
6:08 am  Realize I am bald and dreaming. Get up and pick out one of 4 remaining staged outfits I prepped over the weekend.
6:30 am  Head to work. Leo A Daly Omaha.
6:50 am  Arrive at office. Crack first Dr. Pepper of the day, eat unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-tarts. Check LinkedIn and like/comment on anniversaries, birthday's and job changes. Look for cool articles. Go through my favorite Blogs, answer emails and figure out what I am doing for the day.
7:30 am  BIM Managers Hi-5 meeting. We get together every morning for a 5 minute meeting that lasts a half hour. 
8:00 am Dr. Pepper #2. Production work, fix misaligned linked Revit files.
8:45 am Triscuits and Pepperoni. I get hungry. 
9:00 am Impromptu meeting to discuss an upcoming meeting.
9:42 am Finish misaligned Revit links from earlier, skip Code Book Webinar.
10:12 am  Impromptu energy modeling discussion and rework of architectural model.
10:45 am  Some how the misaligned models that were fixed an hour ago are misaligned again.
11:30 am Quick online meeting to discuss how a bunch of offices can communicate and get along better. It ended with a virtual hug, so that's a good sign.
12:00 noon Superbowl party featuring homemade soups in a bowl. Get it? Soup'er' Bowl. we are pretty creative over here. 
1:00 pm  After lunch hangover, answer emails, revisit misaligned models and decide to push it until 2pm.
1:30 pm  Cookies and Dr. Pepper #3. Revit - AutoCAD coordination meeting with clients. Said unpopular things and used guilt to get my way. 
2:00 pm  Finally sorted out my problem model of the day.
2:47 pm  Documenting what goes wrong on deployments and why. Putting together ways to make deploying software a no fail situation.
2:52 pm  Therapy session with two other BIM Managers budgets, standards, training, and working with IT.
3:12 pm  Short discussion about a logo for the Omaha BIM Collaborative.
3:23 pm  Hallway discussion about upcoming company meeting. Decide to have a formal meeting Friday.
3:45 pm  Final email review, pack my bag with "to go" work.
4:00 pm Go to University of Nebraska to teach Design Processes and Construction Documents.
5:30 pm  Present how to import AutoCAD files into Revit, then overview of a construction document set. Tell sad story of how I lost a company $20,000 over 1/256". Lesson: the details are very important.
6:06 pm  Return home, eat dinner, pickup daughter from work, get ice cream.
7:50 pm  Finish this Blog post.
8:00 pm  Take out the garbage.
8:09 pm  Do the dishes, watch the Lego Movie with youngest son, while reviewing "to go" work.
9:30 pm  Put the kids to bed.
10:00 pm  Fall asleep during the news.
11:03 pm  Wake up, and go to bed for real.

If you are still reading, I think you are pretty awesome!

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