Tuesday, December 27, 2005

How to become a lazy drafter

Eat right, exercise, wear your seatbelt, call home and quit smoking. Then address these areas.

Fix yourself
To fix yourself, you need to know what’s wrong with you. Ask some one else, they can be way more honest than you sometimes. I suggest your parents, your boss, and your significant other. Now ask yourself.
· What do I want? Professionally and Personally? Write it down.
· How should you start to get these things you want? Write that down too.
· When can I reasonable expect to get these things? Write this down as well.
· Are you willing to do these things? Keep in mind some of these things may require you to travel, to switch jobs, and to loose friends.

Fix something else
Normally to progress in your career you have to accomplish things that others couldn’t or didn’t. Pick something you care about, and here’s the hard part, something that your boss will also care about, and fix it. Make a case for the fix. Something like “I can fix this in some time frame. This will increase production by X amount weekly offsetting the time I spent by this date. By next year it will save us these dollars”. This is how your boss thinks and for a good reason. Under stand how your boss thinks so you can relate to his needs. It will help later when you are doing his job.

Do what you say you are going to do. Complete your tasks on schedule.

You are going to have to be consistent for people to think you are reliable.
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