Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lisp to Open Windows Explorer to Any Location

This is an addition to a time saver I posted awhile back to open Explorer from within AutoCAD to the folder where the drawing is saved.

This lisp can be altered direct users to a system resource folder where ever it may be. This one is going to a mapped drive where vendor equipment blocks may be located. The back slash means something in lisp. You will have to fool lisp by using a double backslash in the path you are directing users to.

(defun c:Explore_Vendor_Equipment ()
(startapp "explorer" (strcat "/n,/e," "S:\\CIN-Custom\\Standards\\Vendor_Equipment"))

Now make it easy for everyone by firing the lisp from a palette or toolbar.

I wrote this today for my friends at HDR. So here a big Hello to Jeremy Holland, the dude that asked for it, and Dave Benscotter, Greg Moon and Derek Hayes. I'm sure I misspelled your names so sorry about that.
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