Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Laziest Drafter

I started this Blog in 2005 I think. The focus was on helping the everyday drafter progress in the business. The software for this Blog has always been AutoCAD. I have to admit something to myself now, I don't really use AutoCAD anymore. I didn't even upgrade to 2009 and the betas are out on the next version. I have been thinking about just dropping this Blog, especially since Mike Cooley and Josh Jones started . I think they are awesome, and they are doing what I should be.

While The Lazy Drafter has been my AutoCAD and CAD Management Blog, I also Started CAD Shack at the same time cover MEP specific topics mainly in ABS at the time. Now CAD Shack is solely focused on Revit MEP and BIM Management. That is where my passion is right now.

So in the spirit of laziness. I am pretty much letting this Blog sit until I think the information on it is no longer valid. There is tons of helpful information in here and I invite you all to check around, but you will find the cutting edge stuff on .

I, the Laziest Drafter will simply let others carry on.

If you are thinking or planning on moving to a Revit platform please check out CAD Shack . It's only getting better. Otherwise, thanks for all the hits, and comments.


RobiNZ said...

Just let it sit for as long as Google allow. Even if not relevant to you it will still be to others!

Todd said...

Thanks Robin, Very, very much appreciated.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Thank you Sir Todd of The Lazy Table.