Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guillermo Melantoni's Blog - What a Mesh

What took me so long to read Guillermo Melantoni's Blog What a Mesh

I just posted on entering AutoCAD Exchange's Benign Design 3D contest. What better way to tip the scales in your favor than to reap the rich 3D knowledge of Guillermo Melantoni? 

Another interesting fact about Guillermo, He plays spoons for a metal band that only does heavy covers of country songs. Wait, I made that up. He plays bass. Here is a cool picture of him rockin' out from his blog.Not to be out done here is a picture of me today, rocking out almost as hard.
And here is a picture of me inventing rocking out before the Internet, and color photos.

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Ab said...

That seriously is you isn't it!

Fun! :D