Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The CAD managers Survial Guide - Step 1

What are a CAD managers main responsibilities?

Here is what I have so far. Please tell me what I am missing.

  • Maintenance of the CAD System (make sure it works)
  • License management (make sure you have what you need)
  • Plotter king (interface CAD to plotter and maintain the plotter(s))
  • Standards Management (otherwise known as CAD Police)
  • Management Liaison (Go-between with the big wigs)
  • Programmer (Lisp, .Net, Macro-man)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Education (Teacher - spread the knowledge)
  • Research and Development (Student - must stay on the cutting edge)
  • People Manager (Motivator - Discipline giver)
  • Budget maker


Paul Munford said...

That's a pretty comprehensive list!

How about hardware and networks? A CAD Manager may not be responsible for the company's IT infrastructure, but they should sure have an interest in how it's set up!

And where do you see document control fitting in?

Geziah said...

I'm not so sure about the "People Manager" part (isn't that your boss' job?) but if your company allows you that control then great. I agree that he/she should have some knowledge about the IT systems and how they are setup. I suppose project kick-offs, etc. fall under Quality Assurance?

Rock On.

cad drafting said...

Thank you sharing these responsibilities.Waiting for your next post.