Tuesday, June 08, 2010

KIP Request and PDFs

If you tend to be cheap like me, you may not have purchased full blown Adobe licenses for your AutoCAD users. With the DWG to PDF PC3 file included in the latest versions of AutoCAD or free PDF creators like CUTE PDF creating PDFs is easy. Getting what you want quickly can sometimes be a pain. 

I like individual PDF files for each sheet and I use CUTE PDF. The problem I used to have was hanging around naming each PDF file in a Publish operation. The solution is to push a group of files into a single PDF file and use KIP Request to break a multi-page PDF into individual PDFs. This way I only have to be present to name the one file. KIP Request is a free download and works for this purpose whether you use a KIP plotter or not.

Simply select the multi-page PDF in KIP request, right click on it and selet the "Convert Tagged to - Adobe PDF" option.

Make sure to specify a different folder for the individual PDFs than its current location. KIP will just add a number to the end of the file name for each sheet produced. If the combined file is named M.pdf, KIP Request would produce M1. pdf, M2.pdf, M3.pdf and so on.
It's pretty darn slick, and its free.


Anonymous said...

I like to use another free (opensource) software to do my pdf splitting and/or merging. It's called "PDF SAM" (split and merge) and you can find it at http://www.pdfsam.org/

Anonymous said...

We occasionally experience getting double sets of prints (backwards and then reversed order) when we split multi-pdfs into separate files. Does anyone know how to fix this?