Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Lazy Drafter #2 - Do That Thing

I often get asked for CAD advice and what better way to share the wisdom of my advanced years than to throw out my shingle as the Dear Abbie of the CAD World. Then again, I often have stupid ideas too. Oh well, only one way to find out. If you are seeking CAD advice, and don't care who you get it from, drop me a line at I'll do my best not to make you feel worse.

Dear Lazy Drafter,
I don't want to sound full of myself, but this place would fall to pieces without me, but I don't get treated like it. I do my production work and help everybody that has a mouse in the place. I do everything from write LISP to download pictures off my boss' phone. There are IT things I do, I order paper for the plotter, and kick it when required. I am freaking Super CAD-Man. I fly around the office saving everyone that gets in trouble, and just like Superman, nobody is cutting me a check for it. I feel like I have a lot more responsibilities than a lot of the loafers around here, but I hardly make more than the moron I sit next to. What do I have to do to get some respect and the extra cash I deserve?

Super CAD-Man

Dear Super CAD-Man,

You would be awesome if you were not so full of yourself. 

The fact that your office is doing jobs in this economy, tells me that other people in your office are working hard too. So, my first piece of advice is to forget about what other people make for doing their job. It may seem unfair that there are supermodels making way more than you, but that argument is not going to make your boss respect you more or pay you more.If you want respect, you must earn it. Calling people "loafers" and "morons" will not get you respected. Try this; think of someone you respect and ask yourself why you respect them. Now do that thing they do.

On the money side, I have found money to be quite an additive thing. The more people make, the more they need. I have never seen a PC that someone said was too fast, or a person with too much money. It is probably hard to hear, but work hard and the money will come. If you need to accelerate things, have an honest conversation with your boss. I would not start with "I'm freaking Super CAD-Man". Just tell your boss the way you feel and ask "What can I do to provide more value to the firm?" The do that thing.

I have found that if you want to move up, the best way is to go ahead and move up. What I mean is, don't get hung up on "I want a promotion." Think about what you would do for your job if you got that promotion, and do that. Keep thinking of things you would do if you could, and try to do as many of them as you can. I think that going above and beyond in your job, will result in the desired effects of respect and money.

I don't know everything. Maybe you are in a dead-end job. If you think so too, start thinking of the job you deserve and.... well, do that.
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