Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dash Layout

I am training a new employee and I was demonstrating a lisp routine that goes and finds a layout tab from a template file an inserts it into the current drawing. It helps make plotting standard, and gives us consistent layout tab naming. 

Now you can use Design Center to transfer a layout from one open drawing to another, but this lisp takes care of business without opening any other drawing. The secret is the use of a little known command "-layout". this command opens quite a few options for manipulating layouts. One of them is to insert from template. Then just supply the layout name required and  Wa-Shaw! instant layout tab.

Combine that with a call to switch the current tab to the new tab, change to model space and zoom as needed, return to paper space, and then return the current tab to model space by setting "ctab" to "model". When complete the user will say "Gosh, that is the best thing since mobile apps!"
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