Saturday, January 14, 2012

AutoCAD WS - More Relevant than the Screaming Trees?

Secrets out... I heart AutoCAD. 

I grew up with it. I have used it since the 1900's. I do worry sometimes because I also love long haired, flannel wearing grunge bands. What is going to keep AutoCAD more relevant than the Screaming Trees? Let's face it, not a lot has happened with "move", "copy", and "rotate" since they were introduced.

The gamer changer for me is AutoCAD WS. AutoCAD takes a monumental step into the future with WS. What is kind of spooky is that it is obvious now that we need it, yet I did not think of it first. A system to share and access work through and with the internet. It opens so many ridculous opportunities and solves so many issues. It honestly reminds me of the introduction of email, iPods, and text messaging. We will never be able to go back once we cross this threshold.

I am going to be blogging about my adventures using AutoCAD WS for the next couple of months. Focusing on what is possible, how to do it, and what might be next.

But first, what does WS stand for. My ultra secret contact at Autodesk (code name "A.S." you know who you are) informs me it "officially stands for nothing". If that were the case, I am pretty sure it would be called AutoCAD N. So what does is stand for? here are some guesses...

  • Wicked Sik
  • Want to Share
  • Well Shoot...
  • What's the Story?
  • Who's Sheet?
  • Window Salad

It's harder than you think OK. If you can do better, post up a comment for me.

By the way the Screaming Trees are still Awesome and Relevant!
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