Tuesday, February 07, 2012

AutoCAD WS and Google Chrome

Clearly I am into Google products just about as much as I am into Autodesk products. So the AutoCAD WS app for Google Chrome has made me pretty darn happy. 

Before I talk about the WS web interface, I want to talk about fear and the internet. I know some people are scared to put designs on the web for security reasons. I guess I understand that, but it sounds an awful lot like some older people I know that won't use a debit card because they fear evil-doers will steal their 401K by scanning their wallet with a high powered magnet as they speed by on the evil-doer bus. "Yeah, it happened. I read it on the inter-web".

If you have some fears, don't put anything in the cloud you are scared about compromising, but do stick something out there and try this out. I use it to convey ideas across the country instantly and it is a game changer. Get on board with me here, you will be glad you did when we are totally ahead of the folks that don't get it.


Here is a quick run down on how to use your Chrome browser to access your DWGs... you know, where-ever.

First visit the Chrome Web Store to find and install the AutoCAD WS app or just click the link in this sentence. The app will be added to your apps page.
Now you can upload and share DWG files. View them, share with others, edit and collaborate in real time. The image below shows the interface for uploading, downloading, and selection of files.
The edit interface is a slick version of the standard AutoCAD GUI that is streamlined without being sparse. Easy to use and slightly addictive.

AutoCAD WS is making AutoCAD fun again. For a ton of useful information visit the AutoCAD WS web page.

More to follow soon.
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