Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Autodesk's New Product Support Framework

Autodesk has a new Product Support Framework.  The goal is to provide high value, predictable support services and tailored support services for customers tailored to their individual needs whether they are part of a large enterprise account, small or medium business or single professional.

You can learn more about the program by visiting www.autodesk.com/support, but the key things to be aware of in this new structure include:

New Advanced Support (an enhanced version of the previously-named Autodesk Gold Support offering) provides Autodesk Subscription customers:
Priority access to one-to-one phone support.
  • Remote desktop assistance
  • On-demand training webcast
  • Application programming interface (API) support
  • Expedited community forum support

Autodesk Basic Support is included with Autodesk Subscription. It is designed for customers needing a minimal level of product support. It provides unlimited access to a comprehensive knowledge base and moderated community support forums.

Autodesk Per-Incident Support is designed for Autodesk customers wanting access to Autodesk technical phone support on an as-needed basis, for most products in the Autodesk portfolio. Customers are charged a one-time fee for each incident, even if multiple calls are required to resolve the incident. It is available globally, for most products, and can be sold by Autodesk resellers.

More options for Autodesk Resellers
  • Resellers now have the option to resell Autodesk support or provide their own support.  
  • Product Support Specialization for resellers enables them to escalate cases to Autodesk.

Click on the image below to see a full break down of offerings.

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