Friday, July 13, 2012

Acaddoc.lsp Instead of Scripts

I had a situation today where the base point in a whole mess of drawings were all wrong causing an X-reference nightmare. You can create a script file and use something like script pro to run a series of commands on a batch of drawings. As an alternative I added a specific set of commands to acaddoc.lsp specific to the user who was doing the work. the result was that every drawing she opened afterwards would move the base point to the proper location before the command line even showed up. She open the 60+ drawing from Windows Explorer, then used the "Closeall" command to shut the whole thing down. Took just a few minutes, and I had time for extra donuts.

It's something to consider anytime you have something to do over and over again in a lot of drawings. Don't forget to turn off the command string when you are done though!
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