Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who do you trust?

After installing AutoCAD 2014, you may have an issue with some routines that worked fine in the past. In my case it came down a lisp that gets called from outside of my normal environment. You may already know that the addition of Trusted Locations, is an effort to increase the security of AutoCAD. It limits the use of lisps, executables, and the such to only the ones found in trusted locations specified in Options on the Files Tab. The "Trustedpaths" system variable can be used to command line the trusted locations.

Now that we have the ability, I had to track down the location of these files so I can add them to the list of Trusted Locations. After a bit, I got tired of looking because.... I'm Lazy duh. So instead I hopped over to the System tab. there you will find an "Executable File Settings" button. Click that, and choose the top selection, which just like it says, will load from all locations without displaying a warning. You can accomplish the same thing with the "Secureload" system variable, setting it to 0,1, or 2. those number equate top to bottom of the choices in the dialog.
There is also a "trusteddomains" system variable out there to add trusted sited to download from.

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