Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Quotes from AU and from My House

“Reverse Mentoring is about younger people helping their more experienced peers by offering
their perspective on social media, consumer trends, etc.”

“The definition of a generation is now only about 6 years – the difference between a 13 and a 19
year old is significant.”

Jeff Kowalski, Chief Technology Officer, Autodesk 12/3/2013

“Autodesk 360 is like Facebook for engineers.”

“During the year my favorite activity is visiting you, our customers. So I chose a few of you to
highlight/represent how our customers are doing things.”

“Three years ago we started to talk to you about cloud, social and mobile computing and how it

would change the way we all work. Hopefully we showed you some of that today.”

Carl Bass, Chief Executive Officer and President, Autodesk

"No pain... No Pain."

"I'll just put pants on first."

"The Kitchen is my gym!"

Todd Shackelford, Blogger Guy

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