Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Instantly Like It. Autodesk Instant

Today Autodesk launched Instant in North America.

Instant allows connected teams and co workers communicate and exchange messages, photos, video, and location. 

Colleagues can initiate conversations with anyone in their address book, or any other colleague who has verified their email with the app.

Autodesk seems to be continually exploring ways to increase collaboration among distributed workforces. So, can many professional industry customers who need improved mobile project-based collaboration benefiting from this tool? I think it pulls things together that already exist and puts them into a single place. Getting people to gravitate to it is the trick. having everything I need in a single location, that might just do the trick. 

Autodesk Instant should also benefit business by providing a cheaper alternative to SMS; and corporate administration controls and integration access to web tools will be added in future versions of the app.

Search for it on the App store and Google play.

It will also benefit you to have a not ancient mobile device. Since it relies on cutting edge technology, older devices may not support it.

I am jumping on board, come on and find me.

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