Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some Favorites

I have some favorite commands that I seem to use nearly every day. I thought I would share because they are so helpful to me.

The chspace command is an express tools command that will move selected objects from paperspace to model space or vice versa while maintaining it’s scale relative to it's original space.


Ctrl+R will toggle the user through every modelspace view port in the current paperspace. It's very helpful if you ever end up with a viewport completely inside another viewport.

The ncopy command will copy selected objects from a loaded Xreference file into the current drawing. Very cool even if it you can only select one entity at a time.


Use osmode to set your running osnaps with one command. Set your running object snaps as you like it. Type “osmode” on the command line to find your object snap number. Your number is the sum of each osnap mode number selected. See below.

None 0
Endpoint 1
Midpoint 2
Center 4
Node 8
Quadrant 16
Intersection 32
Insertion 64
Perpendicular 128
Tangent 256
Nearest 512
Quick 1024
Apparent Int 2048
Extension 4096
Parallel 8192

I have setup a short lisp to return my object snaps when they gey lost. Make a short cut to invoke the lisp and you got your snaps back in less than a second.

(defun c:Mysnaps ()
(command "'osmode" "255")

The rename command allows the users to define new names for blocks, dimstyles, layers, linetypes, textstyles, UCS’s, viewports, and views. I use this everytime someone has rediefined a block in a drawing and when I insert the standard the redefined version is added. I rename the redefined version and the original comes in great, plus now I have a separate definition for each.

Minus toolbar allows me to force a toolbar to a certain location via the command line. I use this for when a toolbar says it is visible, yet it is out in space somewhere, and I can not access it. Use this sequence to force a toolbar to the upper left corner of your screen.

Command: -toolbarEnter toolbar name or [ALL]: "3d orbit"
Enter an option [Show/Hide/Left/Right/Top/Bottom/Float] : left
Enter new position (horizontal,vertical) <0,0>: 0,0

Have fun, I hope you found something new, useful or forgotten.
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