Friday, July 06, 2007

Backups for the Small Office or the Paranoid

Are you just a little bit too concerned about loosing data? Do you keep your projects files backed up on flash drives or discs? Do you have lisps, menus or CUIs that you take from job to job? The this link may interest you. I just came upon this description for Creating Reliable Backups while researching an old DOS command. Elton Keith Hammond did a great job of documenting what to do so I thought I would pass it on. Even though the technology is old, I don't think you would interested if you were working in a cutting edge office with tape back-ups.

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EIGIO said...

Or you could use tool called SyncToy v2.0 (Microsoft free tool).
It let's you see what files you are about to backup, the dates, file sizes, directories.