Saturday, March 15, 2008

Escape from the Esc Key

It's AutoCAD, so you hit the escape key, I don't know, 210 times a day if you are lucky enough to only need it every two minutes and you only work 7 hours a day. Say every fifth time you accidentally hit F1 by mistake, that's 42 times waiting for help to come up so you can close it.

Now you are really used to doing this and it would be a really hard habit to break but what if you had a better choice. Here is a lisp that uses Special Characters as the escape key.

(defun C:escape ()

Now add this to your right click menus or assign it to an extra mouse button for an awesome escape.


Rebecca Ryan said...

What a great tip Lazy Drafter! I'm going to implement right now.

PS, Those glasses DO make you look cool.

Krash said...

What about a way to reassign the F1 key? I keep hitting it when I go for F2.

Todd said...

Hey Krash,

Read over this thread. I will add this to a new post soon.


Anonymous said...

I just physically removed my F1 key from my keyboard. problem solved. if you've been using any AutoCAD application for more than 2-4 months then you don't need it. and if you do want help you can just type "help" and it will pop right up. yay for being lazy!

Derek said...

This is my first LISP i'm trying to add to autocad 2007 and i'm having trouble getting it assigned to one of the thumb buttons on my house. I have the lisp loaded in the CUI but then i have no idea what to do with it? Nothing shows up in the right click customizations window in _options and there's 10 buttons listed in the CLICK part under mouse in the CUI