Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Purge Options

I wrote a lisp to clean up drawings that includes a -purge with an A option. I used this because the -purge command has had the ability to purge registry apps for a while now.
Today I ran that lisp and an exploded hatch disappeared each time I ran it. I couldn't figure out why until I noticed some extra goodies in the -purge command.
Command: -purge
Enter type of unused objects to purge
[Blocks/Dimstyles/LAyers/LTypes/MAterials/MUltileaderstyles/Plotstyles/SHapes/textSTyles/Mlinestyles/Tablestyles/Visualstyles/Regapps/Zero-length geometry/Empty text objects/All]:
My exploded hatch was full of zero length lines. Wouldn't you know it. I have to say I like the empty text object purge a lot. Bravo Autodesk.... bravo.

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