Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Recession Proof Your Job

I know people who have recently been laid off. Good people. I bet all of you know people who have got the bad news. Perhaps some of you have lost your jobs. It Sucks. I have been one of those people myself. Losing my job changed my life... for the better. I'm different now. I made some changes that I wrote about in my very first post. Ten Common Sense Secrets for the Lazy Drafter.

I really believe what is written there. If your boss can't do business without, your job should be as safe as his. The hard part is sustaining your efforts. Everyone is working extra hard right now and not complaining about a thing. You need to keep this up over time. It's like a diet. The weight will come right back when you start eating again.

How do you protect yourself from an economy that is taking out talented people everyday? You take your lives to the next level. You will be recognized when you do and rewarded.

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