Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AutoCAD Bad Boys and Girls

When I think back to my first experiences with AutoCAD, I realize that PCs themselves were new and not a lot of people felt comfortable with computers. I did some of my best learning figuring out how to mess with new people. Below are examples of me being a jerk. I'm not proud of my actions (well, maybe a little) but, I learned a lot about digging into software and working things out. If the pay off was a little laugh, well maybe that is just enough motivation for the mischievous AutoCAD users.

Example One: (nuisance)
Change the blipmode to 1. Blipmode leaves a tiny "X" everywhere the user clicks for no good reason. Well I think the reason was in the old days we wanted feedback to where we just clicked.

Example Two: (annoying)
Set zoomfactor to 5. This slows your scroll wheel down to about old-lady.

Example Three: (irritating)
Type in vtoptions and set the Transition speed all the way to slow. This will make a zoom all take about all of a guys lunch break.

Example Four: (offensive)
Change mbuttonpan to 1. this will bring up object snaps instead of letting you pan with the mouse.

Example Five: (painful)
Change pickadd to zero. This makes it so you can only pick one element at a time.

Example Six: (jerk)
Change highlight to zero. This turns off the highlighting of selected objects.

Example Seven: (extreme jerk)
Use aliasedit to change common keyins like E for the line command.
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