Sunday, December 05, 2010

No Hatch Dialog

In my last post I was talking about using system variables for evil. In this post use a system variable for good. Problem; every tome the hatch or boundary hatch command is issued, instead of the hatch dialog, there are only a command line options.

When all else fails, the likely culprit is the system variable HPDLG.

HPGLG controls the display of the Hatch and Gradient and Hatch Edit dialog boxes.

Set it to 0 and Hatch and Gradient dialog boxes are not displayed for HATCH/GRADIENT commands unless Settings is entered at the command prompt.

Set it to 1 and Hatch and Gradient dialog box are displayed for HATCH/GRADIENT commands but not for existing hatch object selection.

Set it to 2 and Hatch and Gradient dialog box are not displayed when the ribbon is active (RIBBONSTATE = 1). When the ribbon is inactive (RIBBONSTATE = 0), the Hatch and Gradient dialog box is displayed.

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