Friday, September 23, 2011

acaddoc.lsp and Who Gets What

When your firm different disciplines that all require different lisps to be loaded. Using the acaddoc.lsp to load only the lisps individual users require and nothing more can increase everyone's speed. To do this, I combined a group of lisps in to a FAS file and then load them only for the users that need them by name with an if statement. While we are at it, you can also add some lines to update fields, lock layers, and add a Mode Macro. Click on the image below to see an example.

The first portion of is the statup lisp.

  • cmdecho=0 turns the command line reporting off, so what we are doing here is kind of a secret.
  • Use command to perform anything that could be typed on the command line in AutoCAD.
  • Setvar can be used to set any AutoCAD variable.
  • cmdecho=1 turns the command line back on. 
The next portion is any standard lisps that all users will need. they are loaded no matter what. Princ is used to report on the command line that the All-Users FAS file has been loaded.

The last portions are used to load mechanical and electrical lisps based off the users login name. This is the login they use to login to their PC every day. The extra princ brings up a blank command line to start a drafting session.
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