Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AutoCAD's Lucky 13

I was looking at my Blog layout and noticed that the image at the top which includes a perverted version of the AutoCAD interface showed version 2011 at the top. That did not seem right, so I used Microsoft Paint to change the 2011 to 2012.

That got me thinking about next April. That is traditionally when the new version of AutoCAD will come out. The question that came to mind is "Will there be another 13?" The original version 13 is legendary now regardless of its merits. It's up there with New Coke, Sony Betamax, the Edsel, and smokeless cigarettes. OK, I have dated myself in more ways than I originally thought possible.

The question remains. Will Autodesk temp fate and release a whole slew of 2013 products? Will only old people make the connection. I don't know. Its not like they can skip 13 like a high rise hotel, but if they were to change the naming convention, where would they go? 2012i? Ouch! I retract that. Better just use Roman numerals like the Super Bowl. 

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing AutoCAD XIII.

Some how that feels better. No doubt there is a team of professionals already working on this most important issue. If you have a better name for the new release, I would love to hear it. Comment on this post to save the day for everyone.

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