Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From the Press Lounge - Tuesday at AU

This year at AU is a little different for me. Normally I am fretting about a class I am teaching the whole time, but this year I am fretting about blogging about the event as a member of the media.

I have to say it has its perks. Number one, I have access to Dr. Pepper and the internet in the Media Lounge.

So to wrap up Tuesday, I ended up meeting with more great friends and attending some great classes. Ask the Experts was an interesting class because it was not really a class.
A bunch of smarty-pants types, put themselves on the line and had a room of almost 200 try and stump them on anything we couldn't figure out. This is especially brave considering the room was full of smarty-pants.

Seeing the people I only get to see at AU brings back memories from AUs past. Below is a hat that I got in 2004 at the very first AU that I presented a class on how to make MV Parts in ABS. I was terrified.
Its good to see you again;

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