Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Flick of the Switch

Last time I showed how to use the /p switch to force a particular profile every time you start your Autodesk product. I thought I would list out some (ok all of the) other switches that you might find useful. To add a switch, Copy the start up icon used to start the program. Right click on this copy and select “Properties”. Add the switch as high lighted below.

If you can do that you can add these awesome switches.

/b calls a script file to run on startup
/c Specify the location of your CFG file so AutoCAD doesn’t has to search it out
/ld Load an ARX or DBX on startup.
/nologo Suppress the splash screen image.
/nossm Suppress the sheet Set Manager
/p Pick your profile
/r Sets the default system pointer to default.
/s Pick your standard support folder paths.
/Set Pick a sheet set file to load every time.
/t Calls the designated template
/v Specify a specific view for every open.
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