Thursday, August 05, 2010

Your Best Asset is not your CAD Skills

Times are tough. 

It seems like I get a lot more response when I put out the "now Hiring" sign, but I still have a hard time finding the right person even with more resumes. Really great people are still hard to find. There are plenty of folks out there that can do the job, but what I really want is somebody that is perfect. Think about it this way on your next interview. When you dine out, how often to you get a waiter or waitress that is over the top the best you have ever had? Chances are they all kind of seem the same. Yeah you get a bad one from time to time that you remember, but the really great one is a rare find. Now relate that back to the job of drafting. If you can impress me with your commitment, speed, attention to detail, great attitude and passion for the job, I will pretty much create a position to to get you on the team.

I hired a drafter a while back that had no experience because when she described her job at Jimmy John's, she told me she was the best employee they had. She couldn't stop talking about how fast she made sandwiches and the ways she developed to increase her speed while maintaining quality. turns out the same passion she showed in that job translated directly in to her drafting career.

One more thing to think about. Who is the best drafter in your department or office? Is it you? If it is not, then why? Is that person some how more gifted than you? I doubt it, they are just trying harder. Whether you want to be a great waiter, drafter or what ever, you may want to start by trying harder than anyone else ever did.
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